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O.W.L.S. in C.U.S.
Organization of Women Looking for Sisterhood
in Chi Upsilon Sigma
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In an effort to help women familiarize themselves with our sisters and our sisterhood, all undergraduate chapters have active interest groups know as "Organization of Women Looking for Sisterhood in Chi Upsilon Sigma" or O.W.L.S. in CUS. O.W.L.S. is an official branch of our organization specifically for women prepared to seek membership into CUS. Because we consider our sisterhood to be a lifelong commitment, we encourage women to be sure that becoming a member of our sorority is for them. In addition, OWLS is an opportunity to raise or strengthen grade point averages to meet the requirements, service the community, and fundraise. Most importantly, we consider it a first step in "getting to know" CUS. For a copy of our brochure, please e-mail deliverance_cus@yahoo.com
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